Photography and Collage: A Harmonious Fusion of Creative Possibilities

02.08.23 | By Fania Bajot, PhD

Welcome to my blog, where I delve deeper into the inspiration behind my artwork and share insights into my creative process. In this post, I am thrilled to unveil the stories behind my mixed media artworks that blend photography and collage.

Each piece begins with a simple unit - a photograph, becoming a canvas for imagination to take flight. An urban landscape, a flower, a captivating color, or a unique angle may catch my attention, leading me to capture the essence of the moment to later use it as a base for further creativity and to craft a captivating narrative. Collage allows me to build shapes, colors, and textures, accentuating unexpected elements and resulting in breathtaking and mesmerizing outcomes. As a result, each piece tells a story of place or moment. For instance, the series "Southampton Lush" metamorphoses flowers from Southampton parks into vibrant and unique artworks.

Every creation becomes a reflection of the world as I see it, where the familiar transforms into the otherworldly, and the mundane evolves into the extraordinary. Thank you for joining me on this creative journey! I invite you to explore my portfolio.

The photography and collage series currently includes more than 30 pieces, get in touch for more information.

Southampton Lush (3)

Floral Illusion

UK Asphalt (v1)  at  UBC UK Southampton


Beaubourg, Paris

Symbiotic Narratives: Exploring Human-Nature Connection in Mixed Media Art

26.06.23 | By Fania Bajot, PhD

 Welcome to my blog, where I delve deeper into the inspiration behind my artwork and share insights into my creative process. In this post, I am excited to share the story behind my latest mixed media artworks that incorporate elements from the berimbau, the emblematic instrument of the capoeira martial art. Through a combination of paintings, wood, and calabash, these pieces take on a unique and captivating form that beautifully merges tradition and artistic expression.

The Journey Begins:

It all started with my deep appreciation for capoeira and its rich cultural heritage. The berimbau, an integral part of capoeira, features distinct plant-based components like the cabaça (calabash) and a section of biriba wood. Intrigued by the unique beauty and symbolism of these elements, I embarked on a quest to source broken cabaças and biriba wood from capoeira masters.

From Jewellery to Art:

Initially, my exploration led me to create one-of-a-kind fashion jewellery pieces using these cabaças and biriba wood sections. Each Fania B piece became a small homage to capoeira, encapsulating its spirit and essence. However, my artistic journey didn't stop there. Inspired by the potential of these materials, I decided to expand my creative horizons and incorporate them into mixed media artworks.

Unleashing Emotions:

My artistic process is driven by a deep connection with feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Through freestyle painting, I let my intuition guide me, embracing the spontaneity and rawness that it brings. There are no preconceived plans or rigid structures; instead, I allow the energy and inspiration to flow through each brushstroke.

The Fusion of Elements:

In these mixed media artworks, the beriba wood and calabash elements take on new life as they intertwine with my paintings. The smooth, polished surfaces of the calabash contrast with the textured brushstrokes, creating a captivating interplay of materials. The warmth and organic nature of the beriba wood bring an earthy grounding to the composition, while the paintings add layers of meaning and visual expression.

A Unique Narrative:

Each piece tells its own story, inviting viewers to embark on their own interpretive journey. Through these mixed media artworks, I strive to evoke emotions, spark introspection, and engage the senses. They explore the place of human beings in the ecosystem and the profound connection between nature and the nourishment of our soul and body.


I am thrilled to share these mixed media artworks that celebrate the spirit of capoeira through a fusion of elements. The combination of biriba wood, calabash, and freestyle painting brings forth a unique narrative that captures the essence of my artistic vision. I hope that these pieces resonate with you and ignite your imagination as you immerse yourself in their captivating beauty.

Thank you for joining me on this creative journey! I invite you to explore my portfolio and engage with the layered narratives within each acrylic painting. Let these creations spark your imagination and provoke introspection, and remind us of the inherent connection between humanity and the nourishing power of nature.

"Energy flows". Acrylic and collage on canvas.  

"Vibrations". Acrylic and collage on canvas.  

"Human Essence Unveiled". Acrylic and collage on canvas.